18 January, 2010

I got myself a new camera, an Olympus XA2 to be precise. Just got the first roll (kodak gold 200) developed and scanned, a lot was out of focus, due to me not being quite familiar with the 3-zone focus system it has, some of them were drunk friends urinating, and a lot was just frames I shot just cause i was anxious to see how they would come out.

A typical first roll with a new camera.

The shots that were properly exposed and without flash had a nice tone to them, clear colours, even though i just shot plain kodak gold 200 so i think i'll be happy with it as soon as i figure out the 3-zone focus system and in which situations automatic exposure works or not.

This one came out pretty good though.

/Hampus Bovbjerg-Grip


  1. enjoy the xa2, they are great little cameras. i like the mood of the shot above.

    funny, i still forget to set the right focus zone. i think using a digital slr has made me subconciously assume that any compact camera is FULLY automatic.

  2. The XA is a lovely piece of work - Never tried the XA2 but I assume it's not all that different. Lovely shot there aswell, been a long time since I ran a roll of colour film - This makes me consider doing just that though.

  3. I got a regular XA that i ordered last week this monday too, couldn't keep myself from bidding on the auction.

    Thank you.