28 January, 2010

1. The parking garage at the Birsta Shopping centre outside Sundsvall, really just a horrible place to be, people and consumerism everywhere. Although i enjoyed the newly built parking house a lot, the weather was great + I had a lot of fun at the security guards that were watching me as i walked around taking pictures (flickr set), I guess they thought I was going to jump from it or something. One of them stood behind a wall watching me, as soon as i turned around he took a step back so I wouldn't be able to see him.

2. A boy i shot when I was hanging around with these 13-15 year old boys they were all idunno, "tough guys?" Doing nothing and writing horrible grafiti everywhere talking a lot about sex and drugs even though they were just 13-14 years old and probably never tried either, riding mopeds being assholes. The one in the picture didn't seem to like the situation, i felt like he felt like he didn't want to be there at all, just playing along with the other people cause he had nothing better to do.

3. A bird at Brighton Beach, Coney Island, shot from the pier, I miss New York so much, I just want to pick up everything good I have here, all the people, and just move them... and myself.. there, which I guess about 99% percent of all people want... but I mean.. it's new york, who can resist it?

/hampus bovbjerg-grip (who in his defence didn't really spell- or grammer-check very much due to laziness)

(Also I'd like to clarify that I usually don't spend a lot of time with 14 year old kids ^^, I approached them because of an assignment. Really interesting experience though, they were the opposite of who I was at that time, I was inside at the computer, playing WoW, they're the people I would have been to uncool to be with if I'd have wanted to.)


  1. gillar nr 3 skarpt hampus.

  2. Anonymous2/2/10

    fantastiska! bilden på pojken är jättefin. jag kommer att tänka på foton på min far, tagna på 70-talet. /ida