08 July, 2011

/ Maria Boman

26 May, 2011

Athenes embrace.

Silver hugging celluloid forms my memories of the past three months.

It's funny to think that when I die, my children will find these negatives that tell the story of my life more eloquently than ever I could. They will wonder what I did during those nights in the heart of Stockholm and imagine their father in the background behind the lens.

They will wonder at these negatives just as I wondered at them when I pulled them from the developing spool and marveled at the images that manifested themselves, images still dripping wet and slippery with photoflo.

These memories, these moments imprinted on silver hugging celluloid, that is why I still make pictures. To remember that which I couldn't remember otherwise. To embody the beauty of things and people that are forever fleeting and seeking their freedom.

But now I'm drunk again, and I need to sleep.

Love, Morgan.

Leica M4-P / Minolta-Rokkor-M 28/2.8 / HP5+ @ 1600

13 April, 2011

japan in b&w

Photos are taken with my Holga 120mm.

deer love
train station

my own blog

05 February, 2011


Own Worlds #2

Own Worlds #1

Own Worlds.

11 December, 2010


/Jack Adams. x

07 December, 2010

13 September, 2010






Exposure/composition tests for 35mm-pictures.

//Hampus Bovbjerg Grip

11 September, 2010

26 August, 2010

Staten Island ferry, New York

I recently visited New York. Here are some photos from the Staten Island ferry that many tourists take to see the statue of liberty.

staten island ferry 03
staten island ferry 05
staten island ferry 04
staten island ferry 02
staten island ferry 01

/Erik Sellgren
my own blog.

24 August, 2010

//Hampus Bovbjerg-Grip

02 August, 2010

"det kommer aldrig att gå över" inspelad i storuman/forsbäck/vilhelmina juli 2010, premiär på stockholms filmfestival

-maria boman

25 July, 2010



16 July, 2010


/Jack Adams. x

14 July, 2010